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Mapping DIDs
You can map a DID number to one extension. You can also map a DID to multiple extensions based on the callers’ phone numbers. For example, calling numbers 123-4567, 123-4568, and 123-4569 can call the DID number 222-1000 to reach extension 1234. Calling numbers 234-4567, 234-4568, and 234-4569 can call the same DID number 222-1000 to reach extension 1265. In both cases, the calling numbers will display on the extension.
If a caller outside the configured caller list dialed the mapped DID number, the FortiVoice unit will react according to the selected fall back action. For details, see “Inbound fallback action”.
To map DIDs
1. Go to Dial Plan > DID Mapping > DID Mapping.
2. Click New.
3. In Number Mapping, click New.
4. Configure the following:
Figure 63: DID mapping
GUI field
Map Setting
This option allows you to map a DID number to an extension.
DID number
Enter the DID number that you want to map to an extension. The DID number cannot be mapped to more than one extension unless the DID is bundled with a caller number (see “Advanced Setting”). Otherwise, an error message about duplicate entry appears and the DID mapping configuration cannot be saved.
Enter the extension that you want to map to the DID number.
Select Inbound to direct incoming calls to the extension through the mapped DID. If this option is not selected, incoming calls to this extension through the mapped DID will follow the inbound fallback action configured in “Inbound fallback action”. By default, this option is selected.
Select Outbound to send the DID numbers of the extensions mapped to the DID with outgoing calls so that the DID numbers can display on the called phones. If this option is not selected, the extension’s DID number is not sent with outgoing calls and the phone number displayed on the called phone could be the FortiVoice main number (see “Main number”) or the trunk phone number (see “Phone Number”) associated with the extension. Alternatively, you can choose the caller ID to display on the called phone when configuring an extension (see “External caller ID”).
By default, both Inbound and Outbound are selected.
Advanced Setting
This option allows you to bundle caller numbers to a DID number which can be mapped to any extension.
Caller number
Click New to add the caller’s phone number or pattern in the Pattern String field.
Repeat to add more calling numbers or patterns.
Only the caller numbers matching the numbers or patterns you set will reach the mapped extension when they dial the DID number.
For information on phone number patterns, see “Pattern-matching syntax” and “Pattern-matching examples”.
5. Click Create.
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